AEON CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY is managed and owned by two directors having respectively 30 years of experience in the British and French Customs services. More recently in their long careers, the two directors have worked in the private sector.

Chris Clark
Michel Lagarde

Chris Clark

Chris Clark joined HM Customs & Excise in Dover in 1974. Although Chris was involved in a number of Customs disciplines, the major part of his Customs career was spent on front line operational work and operational management at a senior level in the discipline of preventive anti-smuggling and drug enforcement; land, sea and air. He later worked in excise verification.

Chris served for a number of years on HM Customs Patrol Boats and holds maritime qualifications as a First Officer and disciplines in maritime enforcement. His functional expertise lies in operational management, anti-smuggling/enforcement land, sea and air, drug law enforcement, training, capacity building, Customs modernization, landing and shipping, maritime enforcement control, Customs procedures, regimes and systems.

Chris has over 17 years' experience working on loan or secondment via HM Customs & Excise to international organizations such as the United Nations, Euro Customs, DFID the World Bank and the IMF, delivering international training work to other Customs Administrations in Kenya, Georgia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Belize, and the Lebanon. He was also on loan to Customs modernisation/transformation programmes in South Africa and Angola each for two years and spent four years from 1990-94 on loan to the British Ministry of Defence in Cyprus. During this time he conducted international drug liaison work in Turkey, Egypt and Israel. Chris was later put on loan to a private inspection company in Pakistan in 1995 for two years as the Senior Liaison Officer working as a link between the company and the Pakistan Customs for its pre-shipment inspection contract work.

In 2004 Chris took the opportunity to rejoin this international inspection company at a senior level on special leave from HM Revenue and Customs. This was firstly to manage the Eastern & Southern African region of the company’s global operations, then as of 2006 to concentrate on providing Customs assistance and expertise across the company to assist with the presentation, marketing, development and capacity building regarding Customs contracts, products and services. He also provided a key link between the company and the World Customs Organisation with regard to a high level working group for Customs requirements both in developing Customs Administrations and general capacity building/modernisation, risk management and security need and advice and assistance between the private and Government sectors.

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