AEON CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY is managed and owned by two directors having respectively 30 years of experience in the British and French Customs services. More recently in their long careers, the two directors have worked in the private sector.

Chris Clark
Michel Lagarde

Michel Lagarde

Michel Lagarde began his career in French Customs in 1974 after he graduated from university and from the Customs School of Neuilly. During his varied career, he has worked in field operations and at Headquarters. Michel spent several years in Brussels at the DG TAXUD of the European Commission and then at the World Customs Organization to work on the development of the Harmonized System.

Michel returned to French Customs in 1988 to serve notably at the Secretariat of Eurocustoms where he participated actively in the implementation of the Phare and Tacis assistance programs funded by the EU. Michel was then in charge of the Anti-Counterfeiting Department at the French Customs Headquarters. During this assignment he was mandated by the WIPO to conduct technical missions in foreign countries.

In 2001, Michel was placed on loan from French Customs to join an international inspection company. In the context of this new challenge and for more than seven years, he provided expertise and advice in Customs matters to the senior management of the company and at group level. As part of his activities, Michel Lagarde also participated actively in the design, development, marketing and implementation of innovative solutions for Customs based on IT integration and state-of-the-art technologies; notably in the domains of risk management, Customs valuation, transit monitoring and bonded warehouse management.

Michel is also a confirmed trainer. During his long career within French Customs he notably delivered training in Customs classification at the Customs School of Neuilly. Since he joined a private company, Michel continued to organize numerous in-house training seminars and also direction to Customs clients in Customs classification and anti-counterfeiting.

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