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Transitrak - The innovative Cargo Tracking and Transit Monitoring solution

TransiTrak is a tracking solution developed by AEON Customs Consultancy Limited and specifically designed for the remote monitoring of transit cargoes on a real time basis and for the detection of any attempts to tamper with the integrity of containerised shipments.

TransiTrak is a "turnkey" solution based on the latest portable GPS technology, wireless communications and geographical information. The solution integrates an innovative dynamic tracking device that is self powered and that can be easily and rapidly affixed to a vehicle/container using magnetic mounts. The solution has been designed to reinforce the capacity of Customs administrations to better control national or international transit operations and to monitor the transportation of containerised shipments that are moved to an inland (dry port) Customs facility to avoid congestion at the port of unloading.

TransiTrak provides the end user with real time evidence concerning the location of transit vehicles and reports on any violation or abnormal situation occurring during transit journeys, therefore providing the opportunity to rapidly target risky and suspect operations and assisting Customs in deciding the most appropriate intervention measures to be taken.

Although TransiTrak has been designed to primarily fully meet the regulatory and operational needs of Customs, the solution is fully adaptable to meet the requirements of other Government institutions or private users.

AEON CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY also provides a fleet management tool to maximise the productivity of vehicles or machinery. The tracking device that is permanently installed on the vehicle captures a great variety of information from the vehicle. Furthermore, through its built-in CANbus interface, the fleet management tool notably provides the end user with the ability to collect important information from the engine management system and to monitor a range of functions.


TransiTrak Brochure

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